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    June 07, 2009



    Happy mid-summer Dr. Ellard. Congrats on the release of your book :) Elyse said she attended your book launch and reported back that you were I'm sure you have been ever since (and before, for that matter). I would have dropped in personally but I've been in Vancouver since early May. One of my hosts here came home with a copy of your book from the public library...I'm eager to get into it, as you've generally been quite an enjoyable speaker, and I can only assume that ability translates, in your case, into good writing.

    I had no idea you liked Eno..thank you for the essay link. It's something I'll have to read a little later on, after this camping trip gets sorted out. I guess we'll see how our sense of direction holds up in a dense forest :P

    Have you listened to Ambient 1/ Music for airports while in an airport? DO!

    Travel safely, take care.


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