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    July 19, 2009



    Is anybody in North America actually building "fantastically expensive" transit systems?

    I would define "fantastically expensive" as "more expensive than road expansion, in the long term, even after accounting for all the externalities of automobile dependence". If you use that definition, I think the ridership required to justify investment in transit is a lot less than you might expect.


    I'm so pleased with this comment that I won't quibble with your quibble over my use of the word 'fantastic'. I think that if people really knew how much of the public budget went into the maintenance of our road system (everything from highways to municipal roads) at the expense of everything else that we need to pay for out of the public purse, they'd be utterly gobsmacked. And the idea that we need to try to take into account the extended cost of our lifestyles is one that applies not just to our road systems but to lots of other unsustainable practices as well (like the gigantic shopping malls built on top of agricultural land in the exurbs). Thanks for reading and for chiming in on this.

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