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    July 09, 2009


    Joe McDaniel

    Your comment about being "lost in Japan" reminded me of my one trip there. I wandered over Tokyo going to Akihabara, the zoo, Edo, etc. mostly by trains. Even with the language gap, I did not have any horrendous "lostness" but did find it confusing.

    On the way back in the airplane, I was chatting with a Japanese national who asked me at one point, "Did I have any particular problems in Japan?" I said that the trains in Tokyo were confusing. His response, "Don't worry about that -- everyone has trouble with them."

    Another story -- not navigational -- was when eating Fugu in Kyoto. My Japanese host had commented on what a good traveler I was (I was willing to try anything). He mentioned that eating Fugu was completely safe as the chef has to pass an examination. I asked whether one could see the certificate -- his response was, "Don't worry about that, nobody had died in several years." I survived without even a tingle in my lips (supposedly the first sign of toxin).

    I have ordered the book -- I hope it is as enjoyable as the NY Times review and your blog.



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