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    July 23, 2009



    The point you make in several of your posts about critical wayfinding vs. the potential of discovery is a good one. It speaks to the need for wayfinding elements to be apparent when you need them, and transparent when you don't. The design of the experience is critical to the outcome: think of IKEA that forces you to walk through ALL the displays before exiting the building. But then again, if you've got time, it makes for an interesting and, for IKEA, potentially lucrative experience.

    Whereas in a hospital setting, we've heard horror stories of EMS teams unable to find an Emergency entrance in the wee hours, running through hospital halls with a patient on a gurney - clearly wayfinding was critical to survival here (the patient made it, BTW).

    I'd like your thoughts on how humans behave situationally, and how we can design appropriate tools to meet them where they need information, either in cyber- or meatspace. Lay over top of that generational expectations, and there are a variety of tools that can be brought to bear.

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