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    May 21, 2010



    This post makes me wonder about how we form memories of spaces and layouts – not how we learn to navigate spaces, which you address in your book, but how the emotional experience of space becomes a deep-seated memory, perhaps - as the caller's experience suggests - as compelling as long-ago smell-memories. Is that kind of imprinting different from memory-formation for practical purposes of navigation? Hmmm....

    (Off to listen the archived version of yesterday's show.)


    Hi Carin, yes it's quite fascinating isn't it? We know all kinds of things about how we learn and remember spaces, but emotional maps of space are much less travelled territory, at least using the kinds of scientific approaches that I'm all about. You may already know about the classic exploration of intimate spaces written by Gaston Bachelard and called The Poetics of Space but if not I bet you'd enjoy it. Now that I've triggered some memories of the book, I'm going to cuddle up with my copy for the weekend.


    I didn't know about Bachelard. I'll seek out a copy statim. Thanks!


    Hi Colin,
    I had heard of that book and am now motivated to cuddle up with it this long weekend as well!
    Thanks for the recommendation.


    Hmm. Maybe we should have a little Bachelard book club.


    Yes! Just give us a few days to get the book :-)


    Poetics of Space is a very insightful book. I'm up for a re-read.

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