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    September 06, 2010



    I love remembering an interview with an aged Vonnegut who admitted to being fine with cellphones since they're just like all other opiates for the masses, which he outspokenly believed to be vital for happy living, regardless of ignorance and awareness. In the end, digital social networks are just the latest instant gratification trends. If it weren't them, it'd be something else. People will never change -- only context and content does. Its just unfortunate if its true that modern readers need high-impact stimulation. ..Maybe we can blame the beat generation for one more thing and get the blame-game over with?

    More importantly, I've recently decided to always be reading Faulkner alongside whatever else I'm reading, for the very reason mentioned several times in your post: absolute engrossment: impossibility to feel alone. I've never read a story teller with such a thick and impenetrable grip over language, like he transcended his body and place and became the Creator of Word.


    HI Danny,

    Thanks for your comments. Interesting, but I'm not sure I agree completely. I think that we *are* changing. Perhaps not in fundamental nature, but the combination of new ways of connecting with one another (or at least parts of one another) and old brain circuits causes new types of behaviour to arise, and perhaps even new definitions of self-hood. I think in some ways we feel as though we can never really be alone anymore without exerting great effort to shut everything off and out. In other ways, we're more alone than ever because so many of our connections are fleeting, ephemeral, unreal, borne only on electrons.

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